The digital world and its legal hotspots

For the «digital natives», i.e. the people who grew up with or even on the Internet, the world today is no longer analogue, but digital. For these Digital Natives I am developing the new course «Digital Law» (DILA) at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Information Technology. The course consists of 14 weekly modules with 3 ECTS credits. Since I haven’t found a textbook on the subject yet, I’m now publishing it myself. And of course, I don’t write a book on this subject, but «open access» directly on the Internet. The publication is a «Work in Progress» and is continuously updated and translated into English. You are welcome to send me suggestions and questions via the contact form. I also comment on legal hotspots of the digital world on Twitter and on the blog I look forward to diving into the digital world with you and my students.

Ueli Grüter, LL.M., Attorney at Law, Lecturer, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Ueli Grüter in the news broadcast 10vor10 of SRF of 18.07.2018 on the EU Commission’s record fines against Google
The publication is currently translated into English and can be accessed either in German or English. This means that the teaching material can also be used in legal courses in English language.


The publication was included in the web archive of the Swiss National Library in 2018: