Case 01 a Take Over-Company (Project Organization)

The Case

Two software developers and two economists are starting a project aimed at buying up start-ups in the digital industry, pushing them with their joint know-how and, if successful, selling them at a profit. The partners effectively bought a company. During the next two years, however, the company did not really get off the ground and other companies were not added. Since the partners could not pay their wages during this time and the assets of the two software developers were practically exhausted, they left the project. As a result, the software developers demanded a wage from the economists for their two-year commitment. For their part, the economists claim that the software developers illegally copied the source code of jointly developed software and took it with them. For 5 years (sic!) the software developers and the economists have been litigating against each other. An end is not yet in sight …

The task

A clear legal organisation and clear agreements could have prevented this fiasco and thousands of francs in costs.

Briefly explain how the partners would ideally have been able to organise their project and what points they would have had to agree among themselves.